Yay, you’ve finally found me and I hope you’re here to stay. Welcome!!

I’m Catherine, content creator/student veterinary doctor living in Nigeria. I am the founder of catherinejaysblog, a multifaceted lifestyle blog that proffers top content for young people on how to live their best life.


 This websites content spans a wide range of topics varying from beauty, hair lifestyle, health and well-being to how to’s, DIYs, reviews and much more.


I am a bit of a chatterbox when I’m comfortable with people and can immediately turn to an introvert when discomfort arises. You could say I’m an ambivert.

I love animals, music, playing tennis and I’m sort a book geek when it comes to novels (there are a whole load of other things I love too).

I’ll tell you a small secret, I still have a fear of public speaking .

Growing up, it’s always been a struggle to eat healthy and live a good lifestyle.

I later came across healthy living and how to live a better lifestyle and you can imagine as a student it’s been hard keeping up but with consistency and hard work I’ve been trying to reach that goal.

That inspired me to start this blog that is Foley focused on impacting young people with how they see themselves ,for them to learn to take better care of their body and lastly but not least how to live a better and fun lifestyle while also living health .

So whenever you stop by you’re sure to get inspired, learn something new and fun.

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For taking your time to read this I appreciate it and you.