Tired of carrying the same hairstyle for your short 4c hair every single time?

I know the feeling

If you recently big chopped or you have short hair then you know of the difficulties in styling your hair and being creative and versatile with your hair styles

I big chopped last year and I can attest that it was hard finding hairstyle ideas for my hair right from when I was rocking my TWA to when my hair could be considered short.

Although at this point, I can say that my hair has surpassed the stage into a more medium length. It still shrinks and becomes really short and I still struggle to find hairstyles for it.

It seems online that every 4c hairstyle guru has been blessed with very long 4c while in reality, that’s not the case and it leaves us with short 4c hair in desperate need of hairstyle ideas and inspiration.

How to style your 4c hair

There are a lot of options when it comes to styling short 4c hair. from doing twist to puffs, protective updos, fingers coils, wash and go and so much more

Below i have compiled 15 stunning hairstyles for short 4c hair, check them out

How to keep short 4c hair moisturized

There are so many ways this can be achieved but one important thing to note is that you should make water your best friend. You can use a water based conditioner or mix your conditioner with water and regularly spritz it on your hair. This keeps it moisturized.

So always keep in mind that when doing all this hairstyle for short 4c hair, you need to keep your hair moisturized.

Last but definitely not least always stay hydrated by drinking enough water

Always keep your hair in a satin bonnet when you are sleeping, wear a protective hairstyle, lessen your hairs exposure to heat as this tends to dry put your hair and regularly deep condition too.

If you are the lazy type like me and you definitely don’t want to spend all your time on your hair, take a look at this; Natural Hair Tips for Beginners;Best Lazy Girls Guide to Virgin Hair Care

Can 4c hair grow long?

Of course, 4c hair does grow long. Every hair type grows no matter the type and the reason you might think 4c hair does not grow long is that as it grows, it also has a lot of shrinkages too.

Keep in mind that if you want to grow very long and healthy hair, you need to be patient and be consistent with how you care for your hair.

still thirsty for more hairstyle ideas, look at this ; 15 gorgeous hairstyles for 4c hair that you would absolutely love.





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