The secret on How to smell good all day long

how to smell good

Do you frequently catch yourself smelling your body in the middle of the day to know if you still smell good?

Do you have that one friend that always smells fresh and good all day long?

Well, you’re not alone.

So many people consider different smells to be pleasant,One person might want to smell like a bucket of roses

While the other person and myself included just want to have a nice natural neutral overall scent by the time I get home because I don’t want to offend myself or others

There are plenty of habits that have impacts on our natural scents, from what we put in our body, how we clean our body to how our perfumes or deodorant is applied.

So whether you want to smell like a bucket of roses or just smell nice and natural and overall just not be offensive,

And I know by now you might be asking, what’s the secret. And trust me they are quite simple and out there in the open, you just needed my help to open the door to where it is

Keep reading to learn how to smell good all day long

Note: if you’re experiencing a body odor that just won’t go away or an unusual scent, make sure you take yourself to the doctor

The not so secret, secret on

how to smell good

How to smell good all-day

1. What you put in your body

I know what you might be thinking, what does this have to do with smelling nice all day long.

But what you might not know is that this contributes to your overall scent.

Before going into what you put on your body, we’ll first look at what you put in your body.

Try to cut down on spicy foods and other foods like garlic, onions, etc because it can cause a more pungent odor.

But if you’re like me and those are exactly the kind of foods you love and you can’t help it, always remember to brush or drink lemon water after eating foods in that criterion.

lemon and mint drink

If you’re out, just keep mints or mouth fresheners on hand to use after eating.

Also, Make sure that you drink water because when your mouth is dry, it helps your breath smell bad.

2. Bath daily

Some of us might not know this but, sweat is not the reason for smell per se.

It’s when sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin that causes a natural odor.

Try to bath at least once a day to take care of those areas. When bathing use your favorite soaps or body wash.

Pamper yourself here and come out every time smelling like a snack


Basically what you eat and how much you shower can affect the way you smell.

You can’t do much about genetics but you definitely can do something about your cleanliness and making sure you have a bomb shower routine.

Now you want to make sure you wash those armpits, your belly button, your legs, butt, behind the ears, and those places on your body that sweats or dirt tend to accumulate.

Small tip: if you wear an earring or have piercing(s), they can smell like dirt if they go uncleaned, make sure that you’re cleaning your earrings because nobody wants to smell death when they go to hug you

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3. Make your hair smell good all-day

Cleaning your hair regularly plays a vital role in smelling good. Make sure you’re shampooing your scalp as well as conditioning your hair thoroughly.

If you want to go a little extra mile, you can spray a hair fragrance specially made for your hair

4. Make your breath smell good all-day

This is a key part of taking care of your scent and making sure that odor is down by taking care of that breath and those teeth.
Because even that whole dunk of perfume can’t save you once your mouth is open

When you get particles of food between your teeth and you sleep and wake up, guess what, you have rotten breath because you have food and remnants of particles that are rotting in between your teeth causing tooth decay

  • Make sure that you’re brushing at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time and flossing daily.Hammer that into your head sis.
  • Brushing your teeth after eating spicy foods or other foods that cause mouth odor
  • Drinking enough water to avoid having dry mouth which equals mouth odor
  • Have a couple of mints or gums in hand

And, dispose of that old dammed toothbrush

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5. make your clothes smell good all-day

This might seem like common sense but make sure you’re keeping up with the washing regime of your cloth.

As someone that plays sports and sweat in the process, I cannot let cloth pile up especially sweaty ones for a long time because trust me they smell like death,

Do you hear me?

So I make sure to wash my clothes and sheets or lining regularly.

A good hack I use is

  • Adding a few essential oils to my wash or using detergents that are scented. This helps to cut odor while keeping you feeling fresh and good
  • Using scented tissues or spraying cotton balls with perfume and keeping it in your cloth drawers

6. Make your feet smell good all-day

Nobody wants or likes stinky feet. You might not be able to stop the stink completely but if you cut down on sweat you’ll cut down on the odor.

But these things will help

  • Scrub your feet while taking a shower and dry them after
  • Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight and switch shoes after a couple of days and also keep your shoes clean
  • Let your feet air out by going barefoot when you’re at home or wearing sandals/ slippers

7. Use a good lotion

Make sure to stretch out the life of your scent by making sure to layer on some nice lotion, butter, and oil. I like to make sure that I do this right out of the shower.

Now I’m sure that you might not have known that a little bit of moisture on the skin help these products to stay on longer

8. Use a good deodorant or antiperspirant

A good hack is to take the time to make sure you rub it in properly and this makes your skin accept it and take in the benefits if it.

Make sure that you’re aware of the things in deodorant versus antiperspirant.

Keep in mind that a deodorant cut down on the bacteria level of the skin so that it cuts down on the body odor while an antiperspirant cuts back and blocks the sweat glands and keeps you from having so much sweat occurring.

9. Make your perfumes last longer

You want to get a nice perfume that isn’t pungent. A little sprit of perfume can last longer if you know this few tricks

  • Don’t rub your fragrance

From experience and research, I’ve learned not to rub my perfume in; you want to resist that urge because you want it to bloom throughout the rest of the day.

  • Apply perfume to pulse points

I also put my perfumes on the pulse points on my body. When you put them on your pulse points, it helps to mix with the body’s natural chemistry.

  • Another thing is applying a sticky base like Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying. Voila, you’ll be shocked how long that scent will last.

What are the best places to spray perfume?

how to smell good

If you’re confused on what those pulse points are, hold up let me tell you about the

They are

  • Back of your neck
  • hair
  • behind your ears
  • collarbone
  • the crook of your elbow
  • your wrist
  • the small of your back
  • behind the knees
  • Your ankles

Some people prefer to go without scents, and this can be achieved with unscented deodorant, perfumes, facial wash, lotion, etc

How to layer your scents

This is mixing two or more scents to create a signature scent. This doesn’t mean spraying two perfumes directly on top of each other.

Play around with different combinations by maybe spraying one in your wrist and the other on your ankles but the rule here is to generally spray heavier scents first so they don’t overpower the lighter ones.

Also, avoid combining two scents that are too overpowering

Have fun experimenting!

Bonus hack: another way to keep your body deodorized in other ways is it to carry a scented/fresh, or natural wipes so you’re able to spruce up wherever you are.

Also, avoid wearing excess polyester or spandex because it has been known to collect bacteria and odor

Again, if you’re experiencing a body odor that just won’t go away or an unusual scent, make sure you take yourself to the doctor.

I hope you found this post helpful, which of these tips are you applying right away?
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