Natural Hair Tips for Beginners;Best Lazy Girls Guide to Virgin Hair Care

natural hair tips for beginners
natural hair tips for beginners

This post explains in detail natural hair tips for beginners especially if you’re serious with your natural hair journey but don’t want your whole life centered on your hair.

When it came to virgin hair care, I didn’t really have much knowledge about it before i big chopped.

Because since I can remember, my hair has always been relaxed. It was easier to handle and maintain that way.

My mum always told me that I had this full head of kinky curls as a baby.

Last year I big chopped. Big decision? Not really.

My relaxed hair was not in a healthy condition and I gave it little to zero maintenance.

Prior to cutting my hair that year, I watched a lot of videos on natural hair tips for beginners to know what I was getting myself.

I knew I was the lazy type when it came to my hair so I hadn’t acted on my thought of cutting my hair.

One day I just woke up, like every other day and called my mom, told her I was going to the salon to cut my hair.

It felt like a fresh start for me , to explore my curls more with the knowledge I’ve come to know about virgin hair but I wasn’t about to let my hair rule my life due to its high maintenance.

This is where the cons of carrying a type 4 virgin comes in and trust me there are a lot of them.

If you’re a lazy/busy natural like me, you’ll know it gets frustrating following all the virgin hair routines and buying so many “essential products” that your hair might not even accept.

So I compiled a few things for us lazy people on maintaining our natural hair, keeping it healthy and retaining length while making it stress free.

Natural hair tips for beginners

1. Moisturize by conditioning and adding of oils regularly

natural hair tips for beginners

Virgin hair needs moisture to grow.

Always remember to deep condition on your wash day. My wash days are usually two to four weeks apart and that’s good and it works for me.

For instance, if I’m carrying braids or cornrows or any other protective hairstyles, I always have my spray bottle in which I added water and my cantu leave in conditioner.

I spray this on my hair every morning before classes or whichever day I remember and I also massage some oils into my hair i.e. extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, this help for blood to circulate well on your scalp.

Easy right!

2. Wear protective and low maintenance hairstyles

protective and low maintenance hairstyles

Protective hairstyles like and low maintenance hairstyle like braids, cornrows, twists etc.

I rarely carry my virgin hair for more than a week.
When I’m not on braids, I’m on cornrows which I wear my wigs on.

These hairstyles are good and they don’t put much strain or tension on your hair.

but if you do make braids and they are tight and painful then you should read :

how to loosen tight braids fast,proven and effective ways.

if you want to carry your hair in its natural state , that’s okay as long as you’re ready to take care of it the right way and put the extra effort.

I doubt I would be able to carry my hair for too long at a stretch because minus the fact that I’m a lazy natural, I live in a very humid and hot country and my 4c/4b low porosity hair always tend to get dry.

3. Leave your hair alone

Sometimes to have a healthy long hair all you have to do is leave your hair alone. Don’t monitor every tiny growth your hair makes.

We tend to see beauty gurus online showing you all the products they use (which are more than a ton) and telling you all the things you must do to your hair to make it healthy and long, it gets overwhelming.

Sometimes less is better.

Experiment with some products and know the one which is good for your hair.

Always remember to do a test patch with some strands of your hair on a product you’re not sure of.

if you’re confused about your hair type read this detailed blog post on :

4A,4B,4C hair types: Best Explanation in Details with Pictures.                                                                                                       

4. Wear your bonnet


This should be overemphasized. If you don’t have a bonnet or a satin scarf, go get one.

Why do you need one you might ask? your pillow case material or your bed spread drags on your hair which tends for most of your hair to cut.

Trust me when I tell you that half the time I forget to wear my bonnet to sleep or the other half when I do remember, it always slips off one way or the other when I’m sleeping.

But lately I got a new bonnet and its super comfy, stylish but most importantly it stays on through the night.

It’s an Ankara bonnet which I got from fiichi_fashion at an affordable price and it came in a pack with a head wrap, scrunchie and edge scarf.

if you want one like this you can check her out on instagram @fiichi_fashion .

5. Keep your natural hair stretched

This is one the best and easy ways to maintain and care for your hair.

No, I don’t mean stretching your hair with heat. hair can be stretched using cornrows or any other hairstyles.

You can do this when you’re fresh out from washing your hair and you’re not styling your hair immediately, put your hair on twist or cornrows before it dries because shrinkage is real guys.

• P.S. Never comb your hair when its dry, Always make sure it’s wet or at least your hair has some moisture

• After washing your hair, dry your hair with a t-shirt or a non cotton material.

This should be drilled into our head “Health before length”. So as much as you thrive to have that long hair, always remember that the goal is a healthy hair because having a long hair with a lot of dead ends does none of us any good.

I hope you found some of this natural hair tips for beginners helpful. Now it’s your turn, which of these tips did you find helpful? Also comment below on how you’re talking care of your hair presently.

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