5 productive things to do during quarantine: step by step guide to design a better life

thins to do during quarantine
thins to do during quarantine

During this corona virus, we are looking for a lot of things to do during quarantine but its important to keep in mind that those things should be productive.

The world is going through a pandemic virus, many people are terrified,

Heck I am too. 

With the corona virus becoming a global virus, we’ve seen the toll it’s taken on everything from giving hugs (hello, social distancing!) to the stock market. We have been told to stay at home and stay safe by self quarantining.

During all this, my school had finally decided on embarking on an indefinite strike and I was feeling scared.

Although I now had time to stop my procrastination and excuses for not achieving my goals, I was still more lost than before.

My thinking was that no one knew when all this was going to end so I felt my purpose in life was lost (which looking back now was stupid of me to think of in the first place).

 All this happening, along with my anxiety increasing, coupled with the house lock-down made it all worse.

But later I realized that this was my time to do things I never had time to do, to learn new skills and come out a better person after all this. And there were plenty of things to do this quarantine.

things to do during quarantine

This is not the period to be laying around in your couch like a slug sleeping all day and turning into a fat cow (LOL, pardon me, I had to say that). Do not use this period as an excuse to do nothing.

This period gives us limitless opportunities and the difference will be clear in those that utilized it well.

This post shows you 5 productive things to do during quarantine. if you’re not yet doing them, then you better get right to it is.

5 productive things to do during quarantine

1. Learn a new skill

This is the perfect time to learn a new skill.

Maybe you’re a university student but there is another skill you want to learn or maybe you’re trying to run a business of your own and there is a skill you need to focus on or you’ve been trying g to learn that new language.

Whatever it is, this is an amazing opportunity to learn a skill. It doesn’t have to be an income based skill; but you can make it one.

you can do something as easy as learning an instrument. Just focus on trying to figure out how to explore something.

Broaden yourself out here. Come out of this corona virus situation better than you came into it. That should be your goal.

income source

2. Create an income source

During this pandemic we’re told to stay home and self quarantine.

Students have been sent home due to closure of schools and many business and I quote “non essential” have been shut down.  And many people have lost their primary source of income at this period.

But this is a great opportunity for you on building another business. This is the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do, to start that business plan you’ve been putting off because of a busy schedule.

This is the time to conduct more research on it and plan it out well.

3. Exercise during this quarantine

Your body needs to be active and healthy.

 I get it, for most of us, in this period there is really is not much change in our nonexistent exercise routine. But what you have to understand is that you’re in the confines of your home and there is not much things to do during quarantine that involves moving around for you.

Try as much as possible to exercise. You mustn’t engage in a full blown exercise that will leave you panting and out of breath.

Bring out a small amount of time and stretch your body regularly, you can walk up and down your stairs, do jumping jacks, dance, anything that’ll get you moving around. our muscles are bound to become stiff if we just lay around all day.

Also be mindful of what you eat. Eat healthy and try as much as possible to avoid stress eating.

  Remember your body needs to be strong.

Read also: how to start working out, even if you hate it!

4. Read

Read book, read some books.

Focus on the subject you really want to learn about and read something that can really help you practically in real life or just something you find interesting.

Maybe you’ve been putting off, you really want to learn how to invest, get some books on investing. Like I said, you should want to come out of this quarantine stronger than you came into it, mentally stronger, physically stronger, more knowledge at your disposal and in a better spot than you were when you came into it.

5. Get clear on your vision and goal

This is a great time to figure out what it is you want and what goals you want to set. Get more aware of yourself as well.

Start to spend more time with yourself, get comfortable with yourself. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to think about your goals, this is the time.

This quarantine is the period is the best time to get a good idea of where it is you want to direct your life and then boom , the moment this isolation is over and everything goes back to normal , were all just taking off towards our goals.

you’ve gotten clarity, you’ve gotten skills necessary to working toward those goals .

visions and goal

Get super clear of everything.

 Bonus tip on things to do during this quarantine

Get more in touch with your spiritual side

Pray. If you are a Christian, Muslim Buddhist, or you believe in something, this is the time to pray.

it is really important .we are not in control, you need to understand to  put your faith in something bigger than you and to trust that God has  plan , the universe has a plan , whatever it is you believe in that you can trust in it take care of you.

what other productive things have you been doing this quarantine ? which of the above tips have you applied to your life? comment below.

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